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It all started one winter night in Portland, OR. Two friends we're sitting in Tube, drinking $2 wells and eating $2 happy hour food. One of the friends (not to name names, but it was Blue) lamented that she was tired of waiting for the "right" collaborating partner to come along (having recently been dumped by someone she wanted to collaborate with) and had resolved to start making a weekly comic, her own lack of artistic talent be damned. She then challenged the other, Mikey, to join her in her weekly challenge, knowing his love of drawing obscene roosters and flaming skulls with moderate accuracy.. At this point, Ana and Bruce walked into Tube to join Mikey and Blue's happy hour festivities. The inebriated Blue excitedly explained her and Mikey's pact for a weekly comic challenge and invited them to join. They agreed and "The Core Four" was formed.

New comics are due every Thursday, by 11:59PM, to be posted by each member as individual entries.

Anyone can join the community and comment on entries, but to have posting access and officially join the Purple Thursday comics challenge, you must first be approved by Blue (lovemotionstory), Bruce (piratepete), and Mikey (rabid_rabbits).

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